Wild Acres Park: 10400 Midland Blvd.

Park Amenities:

A 2.5 Acre Spring-Fed Lake, a Wilderness Refuge, an Asphalt Paved Walking Trail, Compost Restrooms, and a Small Gazebo.
This lake is stocked by the Missouri Dept. of Conservation and features trout, largemouth bass, sunfish, crappie, and channel catfish.


For a list of current fishing rules, Please Click Here 

*In October 2023 the City was awarded a Park Grant from the Municipal Park Grant Commission of St Louis County in the amount of $465,000. The City of Overland, Missouri's proposal for improvements to the Lake in Wild Acres Park encompasses a comprehensive approach that aims to restore and revitalize both the natural environment and the recreational opportunities available to the community. The proposed improvements are as follows: Demolition and preparation of the existing site for future park amenities, grading, sediment removal, installation of an aquatic shelf and forebay shaping, replacement of the 8 ft. wide asphalt trail and spillway, upgrading the lake aeration system, installation of lake edge stabilization with added rip rap and ledgerock outcrop, installation of a fishing pier boardwalk, placement of lake edge gravel fishing points with overlooks, and site restoration with native landscaping.

The City's commitment to restoring the lake aligns with their goal of providing a space for community members to engage in recreational activities and learn about their local environment. By focusing on improving the ecological health of the lake while also enhancing recreational amenities, the City of Overland is demonstrating a holistic approach to creating a vibrant and sustainable park system for its residents.

This project serves as a larger effort to improve the area's park system, indicating a long-term commitment to enhancing the quality of life and recreational opportunities for the community.

Construction for this project will commence in 2024 and it is estimated to be completed by  December 31, 2025. 

Please contact the Parks & Recreation Dept. at 314-428-0490 for more information. 



Access, Parking, and Hours 

This Park is open to the public from one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise to one-half (1/2) hour after sunset daily. It shall be unlawful for any person or vehicle to use any City Park prior to or after the hours established for public use, except in cases where a Park Reservation Permit or Field Permit has been issued by the Director of Parks and Recreation

There is no overnight parking or camping at any of the City Parks. City of Overland Parks can close, without notice, due to weather conditions, maintenance, and/or reconstruction. 
No person shall park any vehicle upon parking surfaces located in any City Park at any time unless such parking is in connection with some other immediate and lawful use of the park by the operator of said vehicle or its passengers. Nothing in this Section shall be construed so as to prohibit the use of said parking facilities at any time by emergency vehicles or municipal vehicles of the City of Overland, nor shall any provision hereof be so construed as to prohibit the parking of a vehicle in the City Park while the driver remains in attendance at said vehicle. (City Ord. Sec. 355.180)
Domestic dogs are permitted in Wild Acres Park provided they are restrained in accordance with the City Ordinance provision set forth in Section 215.180. Please help keep the parks clean by picking up after your fido when visiting the parks. For a link to the City Ordinance Section 215.180, click here: http://ecode360.com/29329939#29329939 . 
 All motorized vehicles must remain in the parking lots and are not allowed on any off-road areas such as park pathways, grass, fields, etc.
 Any person who violates the provisions of this Section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. 
For more information call the City of Overland Parks & Recreation Department at (314) 428-0490.