Wild Acres Banquet Hall

Persons wishing to rent a room must come to the Community Center to complete an application.  Payment for the full rental amount, as well as the required security deposit must be provided at time of application. The security deposit is $150 for use of the Community Center and $250 for use of Wild Acres.  The security deposit can be taken in any form of payment (Cash, Check, Debit, Credit, and Money Order) and will be cashed at the time of completing the application. Checks payable to the City of Overland. All rentals at the Wild Acres Hall are required to have a 5 hour minimum.

Contact Us

  1. Mrs. Erin Willey
    Director of Parks and Recreation
    Frank Munsch Community Center

    9225 Lackland Road
    Overland, MO 63114

    Ph: (314) 428-0490
    Fx: (314) 227-2951


Amenities: The kitchen includes a sink, counter space, a refrigerator, a microwave, a deep ice freezer and a bar window looking out onto the main area. Two single sex restrooms, two handicap restrooms, French doors opening into the main banquet area, main white stairs entering the front of the stage, a large main stage, tile flooring, and a side door leading to the parking lot. Each rental includes a guard who will be able to assist you in any problems or concerns you may have about the facility and maintenance. Wild Acres Banquet Hall is an ideal and popular location for wedding receptions, sweet 16's, baptism celebrations, anniversary parties, dances, art shows, birthday parties, and so much more. The hall resides in Wild Acres Park and can be entered only from the Ashby Road. A large parking area is located west of the Hall followed by the rolling forest including the lake and small Gazebo that can be seen from the Banquet Hall. For more information on pricing, availability, and viewing (by appointment only) please call the Overland Community Center at 314-428-0490.

For more information, check our out "Facility Rentals" page.