Support Division

The Support Division consists of the following units; Records Unit, Community Services, and Facility Maintenance.

The Community Services Unit (CSU) is designed to help the Police Department better relate to the community. The CSU officers teach DARE classes and provide police resources in all our local elementary schools, teach Safety Town programs to younger children during the summer, and assist in many other services to the community. The CSU also organizes the annual Community Services Golf Tournament. The Overland Police Department is involved in several other community programs to improve the quality of life of our residents.

The Records Unit of the police department is staffed with several highly skilled employees. They have the responsibility for the police record room, electronic and microfilm record storage, addressing citizen requests for police reports and providing general information to the public. These employees provide the backbone of our police record system and office support.

The Facility Maintenance staff of the police department have the responsibility for first-line maintenance of the police department buildings. The staff does an outstanding job caring for the 14,000 plus sq. feet of the main police building which is used around the clock. They also maintain the police department firing range and the western police sub station, located at 2500 Ashby Road, Building "D" (near Wild Acres Park).

The Support Division handles the procurement responsibility for the Police Department. Procurement consists of supplying all necessary items for the everyday Police operations. This includes the uniforms, specialized equipment and supplies for maintaining the 24 hour operations of the Police Department. This duty also includes providing all office and maintenance supplies, and providing food and supplies for the confined “guests” in our holding facility.

Recently, the Division of Support Services has taken the additional role of department certification through the Missouri Police Chiefs Association and Department wide training.

The Director of Support Services also serves as the Internal Affairs Inspector. As the Internal Affairs Inspector, the Director of Support Services is responsible for all complaints made in reference to the general operation of the police department or actions of our employees.  All complaints received are investigated as thoroughly as possible.  Appropriate corrective action is taken where improper conduct can be proven.  Additional training may also be indicated to ensure quality service to the community.

Captain Theresa Cover currently serves as the Director of Support Services.