Community Services Offered

Overland Police Department Bicycle Registration Program


The Overland Police Department Bicycle Registration Program is designed for Overland Residents to register their bicycles, so if a registered bicycle is stolen, a police report can be made and the bicycle information will be on hand at this department.  

If a registered bicycle is recovered, we will be able to locate the owner to return the bicycle to them.

To register a bicycle, download the Overland Police Department Bicycle Registration Form

Instructions: You must be an Overland resident. 

Complete the form with all of the information requested. The serial number is needed to register a bicycle. It is usually located on the bottom where the pedals are located. If you have more than 3 bicycles, use another sheet. The information will be entered into our database and kept on file. Bring the form to the Overland Police Department during normal business hours.

Overland Police Department Vacation Check Program

Going out of town?  The Overland Police Department will conduct periodic checks on your residence.  

Download a Vacation Check Form and bring it to the Overland Police Department.