Operations Division

Captain Steven Branham serves as the Director of Operations.  He is a 20 year veteran of the Overland Police Department with his law enforcement career starting in Overland.  Captain Branham has served as a Lead Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Detective, Corporal, Sergeant, and Detective Lieutenant.  In his Capacity as the Detective Bureau Commander, he also served as a Deputy Commander with Major Case Squad.

The Operations Division of the Overland Police Department is the largest of the three Divisions and is commanded by a Captain. This division consists of Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and the Traffic Safety Unit. The Operations Division Commander also serves as the Internal Affairs Inspector and coordinates the majority of police operations within the City.

The Bureau of Uniformed Patrol is the largest section of the Operations Division and consists of four platoons of uniformed officers. Each platoon is supervised by a Sergeant and assisted by a Corporal. The number of officers assigned to each platoon will vary from time to time depending on the needs of the department. The primary assignment of these platoons is the response to calls for service and normal day to day enforcement issues.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) is commanded by a Lieutenant and assisted by a Sergeant. Plainclothes detectives in this unit are charged with the follow-up investigation of reported crimes and other investigations as required. All full time detectives are also members of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis. This unit also conducts the specialized investigations of juvenile crime and child abuse as well as maintains all evidence collected by officers of the department.

The Traffic Safety Unit is a specialized unit of uniformed officers whose mission is the reduction of both personal injury and property damage auto crashes. The Traffic Safety Unit uses a number of tactics to reduce crashes in addition to routine patrol. Among these are radar enforcement, directed patrol, sobriety checkpoints, seat belt enforcement, and public awareness events. Their main goal is the protection of lives and property.

As the Internal Affairs Inspector, the Operations Director is responsible for the investigation of all complaints made in reference to the general operation of the police department or actions of our employees. All complaints received are investigated as thoroughly as possible. Appropriate corrective action is taken in all cases where improper conduct can be proven. Additional training may also be indicated to insure quality service to the community.