Fishing at Wild Acres Lake

A collection of signs for the park, including Welcome to Overland Wild Acres Park, No Dogs Allowed i
Sitting area deck looking over the lake and the fountain.
Lake from a shore view, with a fountain in the distance
A young by holding up a fish he caught while a man kneels next to him



Ages 15 & younger require adult supervision (18 yrs. +). Ages 16-64 yrs. old need a permit. Ages 65 & older do not require a permit.

Permit Obligations:

Accepting a permit means that you:

1) Agree to observe all the rules of the Wildlife Code of Missouri. 2) Will not loan your permit to another. 3) Will allow inspection of your permit, picture identification, catch, and equipment by an agent of the Conservation Department. 4) Will sign and carry your permit while fishing. If you purchased your permit by telephone and have not received it by mail, you must carry the permit authorization number and picture identification with you while fishing until your permit arrives.

To inquire about the stocking of fish at the lake, please call MDC's Fish Stocking Hotline (636/300-9651)

Reporting Fishing Violations
If you witness or suspect a wildlife or fishing violation, report it to your local conservation agent or call the toll-free number —1-800-392-1111— which is manned 24 hours a day. You may remain anonymous if you wish. For more information, please click here:


Purchasing Permits:

You may purchase fishing permits:
  1. Over the counter from any permit vendor.
  2. By telephone at 800-392-4115. Use your credit card, and pay a $2 surcharge. Allow 10 days for delivery of your permits.
  3. Online using the e-Permits System at Use your credit card, and pay a $1 surcharge. Print your permit at home and have it in hand immediately.


¨ Pole & Line Only.
 ¨     Only flies and artificial lures may be used when fishing catch & release, November till January.
 ¨     From February till October, you may use legal bait.
*Please remove all discarded tackle equipment in or around the lake upon leaving the Park Premises. All unused equipment may be thrown away in nearby trash cans. Thank you for your help in protecting our wildlife animals in the park.*


* Catch & Release ONLY. You Must have a valid Missouri Fishing Permit. 
 * The Lake is stocked in early November with trout. 
 * All trout must be released unharmed immediately after being caught.


* Catch & Keep.  You Must have a valid fishing permit and trout permit in order to keep trout. A Daily limit of 4 trout per day may caught and kept from February till October.
For more information about LIVE BAIT, FISHING PERMITS, NON-GAME FISH, AND ADDITIONAL GENERAL FISHING REGULATIONS, Please click on the Missouri Department of Conservation Link at: