Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The 2011 City of Overland Parks and Recreation Master Plan provides the next steps in developing the mission of the Department of Parks and Recreation and the newly formed Parks Commission. The City of Overland has a renewed commitment to the parks and recreation after a period of limited resources directed towards the existing parks. The purpose of the Master Plan is to analyze and evaluate the parks system and identify opportunities for improvements within existing park and development of new parks over the next 5-10 years. This Master Plan helps guide and shape the delivery of the Parks and Recreational Department in a manner that is consistent with the City of Overland’s goals and meets of the community.

In 2010, the City of Overland dedicated a new pocket park called Erickson Plaza. This Plaza is a quarter acre of public space with seating and a water fountain feature. *NOTE: There are currently no plans in the Master Plan for Erickson Plaza. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Methodology
  3. Benchmark Comparisons
  4. Final Parks Master Plans and Cost Opinions
  5. Implementation Priorities
  6. Funding Alternatives
  7. Appendix   

Municipal Park Grant Commission of St Louis County

In 2000, voters approved a new sales tax of 1/10 of one percent to fund parks and trails and the second was a 3/16 cent sales tax approved in 2013. A portion of the tax is set aside for municipalities in St. Louis County through the Municipal Park Grant Commission. The Mayors in each of the 7 County Council Districts appoint 7 Commissioners to annually distribute the funds. Through Round 21 and the Special Grant Round the Park Grant Commission has awarded 392 grants totaling more than $84 million. The Commission has also awarded 157 Planning Grants totaling over $475,000. 

The City of Overland has received nine project grants and 2 park planning grants totaling $2,301,170 from 2009 to 2021. 

Canter Way Park Playground.JPG
Jacobs Park Trail and Bridges.JPG
Mort Jacobs Park 2017
Wild Acres Park Compost Restroom.JPG
Dog Park June 2015 (20)
Woodson Tennis Courts.JPG
Myers Park Pavillion.JPG

The first grant awarded the City of Overland $70,000 in 2009 for Norman Myers Park to install a sprinkler system, build a pavilion, install backstops, add soccer/football goals and to provide sod for the field. This park is a popular destination for Annual Festivals and Events like the Lions Community Fair and Autumn in the Park Festival. 
The second grant  
awarded the City of Overland $209,457 in 2010 for Woodson Road Park to renovate the existing tennis courts. This grant received partnership from the Ritenour School District and is now the home game location for the Ritenour High School Men & Women’s Tennis Teams. In 2013, the City of Overland partnered with the United States Tennis Association to help promote and encourage tennis participation with open court nights 1-2 nights a week during the summer months. 
The third grant  
awarded the City of Overland $151,750 in 2011 for Wild Acres Park to create a composting restroom near the lake. This restroom is solar powered and has ample use by park patrons fishing or walking each day. 
The fourth grant  
awarded the City of Overland $254,665  in 2012 for Canter Way Park to fund a new playground, swings, and zip line. This playground has ADA accessible surfacing and has a featured Zip Line for children 5 yrs. of age and older. The addition of this playground has increased the number of children actively participating outdoors in that area.
The fifth grant  
awarded the City of Overland $254,245 in 2013 for Mort Jacobs Park to replace the bridges and widen / repave the trail loop for park patrons to run and walk in the park. This park is popular for park pavilion rentals, dog walkers, running and walking enthusiasts, and is the primary location of the City’s Kids Summer Camp Program. 
The sixth grant  
awarded the City of Overland $234,464 in 2014 for Woodson Road Park to design and construct a Dog Park. This grant provided a sod lawn, trees, signs, benches, concrete pads, trash cans and a drinking fountain. 

The seventh grant  awarded the City of Overland $389,407 in 2017 for Mort Jacobs Park to replace the existing aged playground with two playgrounds. This grant provided a sod lawn, safety surfacing, concrete sidewalks, signs, benches, and drinking fountains. 
The eighth grant awarded the City of Overland $475,000 in 2018 for Legion Park to replace the existing baseball field and restrooms with a recreational multi-use field through the demolition and re-grading of the existing ball field and restrooms, insertion of energy efficient field lighting and irrigation for the multi-use field, sodding of the multi-use field and surrounding area, and the re-grading of the bio-retention area to infiltrate surface storm water runoff.

The ninth grant awarded the City of Overland $427,436 in 2021 for Robert Brooks Park to do the following improvements to Robert Brooks Park: Demolition and preparation of the existing site for future park amenities, installation of a multi-purpose field with grading and seeding of the turf field, installation of a pedestrian loop trail with two pre-engineered bridges to connect park patrons from Flora Ave and the existing parking lot, and additional tree landscape enhancements along the loop trail. 

The tenth grant awarded the City of Overland $465,000 in 2023 for Wild Acres Park to do the following improvements to Wild Acres Lake:  Demolition and preparation of the existing site for future park amenities, grading, sediment removal, installation of an aquatic shelf and forebay shaping, replacement of the 8 ft. wide asphalt trail and spillway, upgrading the lake aeration system, installation of lake edge stabilization with added rip rap and ledgerock outcrop, installation of a fishing pier boardwalk, placement of lake edge gravel fishing points with overlooks, and site restoration with native landscaping.

Please contact the Parks & Recreation Dept. at 314-428-0490 for more information. 

For more information about the Park Commission and the park improvements, expenditures and other information, please visit their website: